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Another instance, another intro! I'm Maz, LGBT+, and reside in Washington state. I enjoy working with youth with disabilities to help them give the structure and support they don't receive at home (I was a sped educator this last school year!) I also draw a bunch of furries (sometimes humans, too!) and take commissions on my website

I love video games, technology, nature, art, and cats. My Draca fursuit was by [email protected]!

A couple of years ago during seasonal time, a guy stole packages out of my truck when the back was open and tried to hide with the stolen goods in a Starbucks in my plain sight. Obv. being held at gunpoint is more extreme, but tl;dr people are nuts.

Haircut done, time to treat myself to..
black nails

me, at the dual tire truck in front of me: "stupid rusty with the thicc hips 💦 going 20mph in a 40mph zone, SMH @ WHOEVER GAVE HIM LICENSE"

Then I'm giving my partner a haircut after I'm done working later because they, too, want to feel ✨nice✨

Taking a break out of my day for a haircut!! I just want to feel ✨nice✨

Okay, now somebody needs to order more than 17 hash browns today because now my pal is beating me in this little hash brown competition we're having.

The record number of hash browns on a single delivery from McDonald's today is 16 hash browns. Will somebody else order more than 16 hash browns?? Only time will tell.

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artist: i love your character! :)

me: *gains 50 level ups like a character in a mobile game ad*


Glad to be doing Doordash today instead where I'm not up on my feet constantly and can go home at a decent time.

Hopefully I don't have to work tomorrow, or if I do, not as late as the past few days. I..want to..go to..A THING.

I'm SO THANKFUL I don't have to be seasonal help for the day!! Yesterday, I delivered two truck loads and delivered 523 packages. I'm just, please I need a break..I'm dying..

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The way Hannahdouken and participants of this experiment just ethically hacked an exploitable vector in multiple malicious content thieving bots with zero code while announcing content theft through the very sites doing it is magnificent praxis


gop really pushing for more homelessness with this one

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BREAKING: Trump admin. has formalized work requirements for recipients of food stamps, a move that will cause nearly 700,000 people to lose access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).


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