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Another instance, another intro! I'm Maz, LGBT+, and reside in Washington state. I enjoy working with youth with disabilities to help them give the structure and support they don't receive at home (I was a sped educator this last school year!) I also draw a bunch of furries (sometimes humans, too!) and take commissions on my website

I love video games, technology, nature, art, and cats. My Draca fursuit was by [email protected]!

You can tell how old a fursona is by slicing it up for candy gore experimentation and then counting the rings.

here's a crop of augusts wallpaper on patreon, if you like the comic this is the best way to support it! 🌙🌑

Some quick reminders:

❤️ You don't need to know everything
💚 You have incredibly valuable knowledge and experiences
💜 You don't need to be anyone other than you
🧡 Don't compare yourself to anyone else
💙 You are awesome


⚪ am gay

⚪ am bisexual

⚪ am pansexual

⚪ am asexual


If you're on the Gab instance and you try to follow me, that's an automatic block from me, dawg. 🤙🏼

still open for these!

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Reminder I'm open for icons to offset some of these moving costs! $15 for a symmetrical lineless headshot and $25 for a regular flat color. Payment is via PayPal, contact me at mazzaful(@) for orders!


Thinking of doing something with these, reply with a number!!

Alone outside or in an open teacher's classroom like I did when I was in school as I didn't fully "fit in" with any of these.

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Where’d y’all sit in High School❓
Don’t lie 🤣

I sat with the athletes and lowkey cool kids occasionally I’d swing by the roast session table for a good laugh.


Nobody wants to pinpoint the cause of homelessness. But, ya know, high costs of living, lack of services and programs to get them back on their feet, lack of employment opportunities, debt, illness, etc. aren't factors "at all." Their goal is to eradicate them.

Seattle has such a big homeless population they're putting the homeless on buses to smaller surrounding cities like Sequim and Port Angeles. Busing them away doesn't "get rid of them." Criminalizing providing housing doesn't "get rid of them." They still exist and are homeless.

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Seattle’s mayor is trying to criminalize the act of providing housing/shelter for the homeless. Her message is clear– this city is not being built for the cash poor. It’s being built for the wealthy Democrats and closet Republicans that can afford to stay.


I'm doodling some of the newer Pokémon on this fine afternoon.

There's more than this, go check all the accounts these users follow and it's a dead giveaway. Lot of new nasties lately popping up with new accounts in attempt to evade bans, suspensions, and @[email protected]


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I've never been able to find record of the old warriors website official naming generator, so I dug out the decoding of it I did back in 2010 to share it with everyone and keep the memory of it alive!


is this fen eating a cool ranch Dorito??

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we know that we can use Tweetdeck to schedule our tweets for a time everybody will actually see them, but we choose to only write stuff as we think of it at 12:30 AM because we care about authenticity

anyways check out this fennec i got sent


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