A big tail is great for hugs! Or hiding behind when someone calls you cute >_<

Art by @[email protected]!

I got two AWESOME summer YCHs from @[email protected]! The first one is Dipper relaxing on the water with a cool drink 😎

And some more pics of this cutie in action! I'm really happy with how he turned out, and definitely have improved my craft in the process. I'm going to be finishing more pieces soon to turn him into a partial!

Introducing the result of my latest fursuit project, a head of Andrew the deer for @[email protected]! The glasses and neck fluff are magnetic and removable! He was built from a modified version of the @[email protected] deer base and the glasses are by @[email protected]

It's summer and this dog's ready for some fun in the sun! I've got a cold brew coffee to stay cool out there 😎

Art by the wonderful @[email protected]!

Plushie Dipper wants to give you a big hug! Do you accept? 👀

I can't wait to show off this lovely badge at my next con! Art by the always amazing @[email protected]!

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