"If cornered, a red panda will stand on its hind legs and extend its claws to appear larger and threatening." I sure am LARGE and THREATENING! Fear me!!!

Art by @[email protected]!

My doggo sona, Benji needed some love, so I gave him a new look! He feels a lot more like me now, with some added personal touches. And I got this amazing new ref sheet of him from @[email protected]! They were lovely to work with, and I'm so happy with how this turned out!

Dipper makes such a CUTE plushie! He's very huggable!

Super adorable drawing by the amazing @[email protected]!

Got some . Might eat the rich later, idk

(🎨@/waywardmutt and @/vintagecoyote)

Super cute pride YCH by @[email protected], go check them out! Plushie Dipper looks so adorable and cuddly!

The flannel squad is here, @[email protected] and I love to don our plaid! I'm glad we got to do this flannel collab!

🖌️: @[email protected]

I'm not going to do much more from this point, and they've pretty much slowed down anyway. Thanks for putting yourselves out there and letting me have some fun critiquing. And remember, there's more to a sona than visual design, and all your sonas are amazing in many ways!

Yeah, definitely not gonna get to everyone lol. I'm gonna keep it to people who post fullbody art. And even then, probably not everyone. So sorry if I skip you!

Also no promises on getting to everyone.

I'll just say I'm no stranger to brutally honest critique. Know that in the end, these are just my opinions, and your fursona is of course unique and special! I'll be fully honest with my opinions, but it's all just for fun! (at least, my fun >:) )

Hello, welcome to critique day in Fursona Design and Studio class (FUR2072). I am professor Orion, and I will be critiquing your fursona designs. I will present honest critique of your designs based on my experience with design foundations, color theory, and anatomy.

Here's a link to resources of ways to help. If there are other/better resources, please let me know! blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

As a part of their donation to the North Star Health Collective, @[email protected] drew me this adorable sleepy headshot! Please please please, do everything you can to help the protesters! Sign petitions, donate, speak out against systemic racism and police brutality.

I love commissioning sketch sheets, it's so cool to see an artist's interpretation of my character. This one I just commissioned from @[email protected] is no exception, it's super super cute! I love the stars and expressions, and I love the colors on the left one!

Got this ADORABLE doodle page of Dipper from @[email protected]! I love all the cute little props and outfits they put in to it. The expressions are so fun and cute, and I adore all the sleepy poses. I'm so happy with this, thanks Orlando!

I love the red panda base Telegram sticker pack by @[email protected], so I decided to get it and make a sticker pack of my own wah, Dipper! These were a lot of fun to make, and the base was really good to work with.

Link: t.me/addstickers/DipperRedPan

I love the red panda Telegram sticker base by @[email protected], so I decided to get it and make stickers of my own wah, Dipper! It was a lot of fun to make these and the base was really nice to use.

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