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I'm really proud of how the head turned out and I'm so excited to wear it at MFF!

Together with the hands I have from @/Splinter_Fox and my tail from @/SparkleKreation, I have a working partial that I'll debut at MFF. So look out for me there and feel free to say hi! I'm gonna try and make some feet as well, hopefully in time for MFF!

I have some big news! For the past couple months I've been trying my hoof at making a fursuit head for myself. I've just finished making it! I used the deer base pattern of @[email protected] (modified some) and I think it turned out fantastically for my first time making a head!

I commissioned this super cute badge for MFF and I can't wait to wear it around at the con! Art by the amazing @[email protected]

was fun! I got to demo Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2, and watch some esports. I'm glad USA finally dethroned South Korea in OW. I had a good Blizzcon!

It took me 22 years to figure out I'm asexual, and I'm glad to know that I'm not weird or wrong for not feeling sexual attraction. I'm so glad ace-spec sexuality is becoming more well-known and accepted. This week was such a wonderful celebration of that progression and pride.

As comes to an end, I want to say that I'm proud that I'm asexual, and I hope that my fellow ace-specs are proud too. Even if it takes time to figure out what you identify with, it's important to be comfortable with yourself and be happy with what your identity.

Super cute commission that I just got from @[email protected]! They did such an amazing job with this, it's so adorable! They're also making it into a keychain, which I'll pick up at MFF. I can't wait to carry this cute art around with me!

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