Andrew and I love to go bird watching! I love seeing him light up when his eye catches a cool bird.

Thank you to @[email protected] for this lovely piece! The background is so gorgeous, and I love our expressions! (They posted it already but I couldn't help posting it myself too!)

Getting into the holiday spirit with a cute reindeer YCH from @[email protected]! Go check them out!

The weather's cooling down, and it's such a nice time to enjoy a coffee outside 🍂☕

Thank you to the always wonderful @[email protected] for this amazing illustration of my sona!

Absolutely adorable fall YCH of @[email protected] and I by @[email protected]! It's not so chilly with him nearby <3

A little late for ... been asleep since February. Did I miss anything?

New telegram stickers incoming!

✓ Bark, wag
✓ Wah
✓ Super cute
✓ Made by the always wonderful @[email protected]

You can add the packs here!

Happy to my sweet and amazing boyfriend, Andrew! I love you, cutie 😘

(🎨 @/DamnTazzle, @/lalarke, @/Orlando_Fox, @/socialmediadeer)

I can't believe it's already been a full year since I started dating this cutie! What a wonderful year full of love it's been too, he's so sweet and good to me.

I commissioned @[email protected] for this amazing anniversary piece of @[email protected] and I! It's so precious!!!

Reply if you aren't cute, don't if you are

Meet my fursona, Orion! I updated my look a little and decided to get a new ref sheet with some extra bells and whistles. Thank you to @[email protected] for my amazing and cute new ref sheet!

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