I feel so bad for the professor I just turned my project into because he has to read my shit fucking code lol

"It appears when I have Andrew bleat at someone, they go berserk... or at least, just their senses do."

Thank you so much to @[email protected] for this freaking amazing Jojo duo piece of @[email protected] and I!

Why did the firefighter get a promotion? Because he was really fired up about his job!

Alright that's it, thanks for the likes guys! This was fun!

20. At first, the fandom was purely about the art to me. When I first made a sona, I just wanted a cute character to buy art of. But it's become so much more than that to me now. It's a place to talk with some awesome friends, and share an appreciation for anthros with people.

19. AC. All of AC. Hanging out with my friends at AC. Seriously, I had so much fun at that convention, and I'll always remember it and the happy memories I made there.

18. This is a generalization and possibly a hot take, but some furries are so very awkward. I see it more in the fandom than other places. I get that anxiety or other personal problems can play a role, but encouraging some basic social skills as a community would go a long way.

17. I always had an interest in anthros but I thought furries were gross because I thought it was exclusively a fetish (being ace intensified the feeling). After lurking around furry subreddits and furaffinity, I saw there was plenty of SFW content and awesome people.

16. It's just my sona's name. I chose Orion because I'm an astronomy nerd. Orion is my favorite constellation because I love Barnard's Loop and the Orion Nebula!

15. Clout chasing. Sometimes furry twitter feels like a goddamn popularity contest

14. Bojack Horseman, what a great show and a relatable character.

11. I ALSO LOVE THEM! I was wary about going to AC at first, but I just said fuck it and decided to go. And that was such a good decision! I had a blast hanging out with my friends and doing stuff at the convention. I can't wait for MFF!

10. I LOVE THEM! I never thought I would before I joined the fandom, but they sure have grown on me. They're super fun to wear and I really want one! I've started saving up so hopefully I'll be able to get a fullsuit sometime next year. I'm already looking into makers lol

9. If I absolutely had to, I'd be sad, but I'd choose a red panda

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