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Stolen from countless friends, I'm going to regret this, and won't start replying until after work, but let's give it a go πŸ˜‚

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I was thinking...

A cream colored deer with black or dark brown spots
And you can call her Cookie Doe

Wow, that was supposed to be "sucks" 🀣

It honestly sticks that all of my friends are so far away. We have a wonderful time when were in person, but the time between is too long. 😟

Eyyyy my twitter Android app is no longer crashing 😁

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What’s up YouTube? Doing a review of my hotel bathtub in Seattle.

Finally took a day off from working on personal projects, feeling very refreshed 😁😁

Hey coders out there: favorite programming language and why?

Let's not hate on each other in the comments, this is just for fun and curiosity.

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@[email protected] @[email protected] You say that like I don't experience trauma. I need an outlet. that outlet is not arguing with someone who gets offended by a tame message. If you need proof that EMS personnel are in fact susceptible to trauma, read this.

Being a fox and being straight are mutually exclusive, you can't change my mind.

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[email protected] and I created a SFW public telegram group. Feel free to come hang out and talk!

Turning notifications on for me will result in the occasional notification, and then one of my friends starts a thread:

My coworker just showed me some stickers her son made, they're 100% furry... Do I tell her?

Ehh, I'd probably move intimacy to the left more, I get jealous when @[email protected] teases others πŸ‘€

It meeeeeeeee.... Maybe... I'm not 100% on a few, but it's probably decently close 🀷

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It's almost the weekend!!!!!! 😁

Jasper leaves on a trip tomorrow and will be gone until Sunday 😭😭😭😭

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