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From time to time, Dakota likes to dress himself up nicely. I wonder what’s the occasion this time?
Another amazing art piece from @[email protected] and honestly probably one of my favorite commissions 😭


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Here's a finished music-inspired scene piece for dear @[email protected] of himself and @[email protected]! I had a total blast making this <3

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@[email protected] Oh god... Imagine bashing on someone for a simple "tw/cw" that wasn't added on something, and thinking you did the right thing. How disgusting.

Take care of him, he needs it rn. He's good and has good intentions. We send love c:

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Post on my private, but fuck it, I’ll post it here to.

To those who are supposedly friends who haven’t talked in over a month and have avoided interaction with me, here’s how I’m doing:

In the past 4 weeks, I’ve pronounced 16 people. 4 were younger than me, 2 were infants.

Jasper's deleted Twitter from his phone for a bit. All of the recent talk has triggered some strong emotions from a recent call where he lost an infant. He'll be back around when he's ready.

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@[email protected] Hello! I am fairly new to the illustration game, I only started drawing this year but have drawn a piece every single day, and then some. I hope to one day get involved in graphic novels or fantasy works :)

Someone out there loves you, never forget that.

of the things they deal with EVERY SINGLE DAY of their lives. They're humans too, and venting to the masses can help a ton to get some of the weight off of their minds, deal with it.


He's not some hero, he's not some magical person that has a will stronger than the rest of us. He does it because the world needs people like him to so the rest of us don't have to. Stop attacking medical professionals for posting comparatively tame stories or pictures

panic. If he needs to vent a bit about the shit he goes through, either to him personally, like slicing his hand open, or the horrible things he has to deal with at work: unfollow him if you can't handle even a simple description of shit he had to actually live through.

Real talk, though: @[email protected] deals with shit on a nearly weekly basis that no human being should ever have to witness let alone attend to. He frequently comes home with death and injury weighing heavily on his mind. He wakes up in the middle of the night in a sweat and

Hot take: If you follow an EMT, they're probably going to post job stories and other uncomfortable medical-related stuff. If you're not OK with seeing content like that, maybe don't follow someone with EMT, EMS, nurse, or any other medical profession in their bio?

Follow this amazing yeen

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YOOO I just now realized I’m only 4 away from 500 😳😳😳


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If I block you, you can get a friend to ask me why. I don't mind. It could be a mistake, or I could be anxious and I'm waiting for someone to ask.

What I don't believe in is a lack of communication. I think the furry fandom has a huge problem with that.

He's fine guys, if it were serious I wouldn't be making a meme tweet. Just a minor cut on his hand, needs just a few stitches. It seemed a lot worse when we left for the ER than it actually was.

Rushing @[email protected] to the ER with an expired license, kind of exciting

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