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Alright, well since Jasper did it... Reply if you’re a mutual

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There has been a lot of misinformation spread lately about @[email protected] - a fellow Discord bot.

My dev team believes in supporting other bots because at the end of the day we're all a community. Please read this post by the Kawaiibot owner:

Me: *Typing tweet*
@[email protected]: What are you typing?
Me: *Hits send*
Jasper: What did you just tweet?
Jasper: Kelwing, no, stop!
Me: *grins*

Pretty typical exchange 😏

Free pizza for lunch!! Cannot complain about getting free pizza 😁

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Ive been busy this week so i hadnt had a chance to do the 1k follower raffle RT + Follow to enter, good luck to yall pawesome fullfs. Raffle ends on the 20th :D and as always * wag wag wag bark bark bark*

On my way back from AC, I took my fursuit head as my personal item and just held it in my lap. One of the flight attendants stood there and talked to me about furries and fursuiting the entire flight πŸ˜‚

Guys, Otter is a super cool artist, and you guys with Discord should totally join his server and support him. Shhhh, don't tell him I did this.

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Here's my server


Why are you dating the uncute fox also known as Jasper πŸ˜‹ β€” Because in my eyes, he's very cute, and very much perfect.

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Dear @[email protected],

I πŸ‘ AM πŸ‘ NOT πŸ‘ WISCONSIN πŸ‘

Fix this, or send a free case to all my residents. Your call.

America’s Peninsula

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