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Why tf does @[email protected] not have more followers!? He’s a really cool dude that I got to meet at PAX West!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @[email protected] MAKE THE MOST OF IT!!!! You deserve an awesome day!

Omg guys, @[email protected] got me and Jasper a super awesome gift. Dude you are so heckin awesome. 🥰
Artist: James TWat#5794 on Discord

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Screwing with furries is a really bad idea. Furries wear masks, use pseudonyms, have friends in every city, and most of them think they can transform into a bear.

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[email protected] Hey echo!?

Me: What's up?

Alexa: What can I help you with?


Me: I'm sowwy ;w;

For context about who this is, and why they're upset with me and trying to put a wedge between me and Jasper. I blocked him for making inappropriate comments about people I was close to in front of me, and then this happened.

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i find kelwing's interactions with minors to be off-putting, especially his obsession with dakaiwolf. it's really… — Ah yes. That’s why you came running to his boyfriend’s curious cat. Fuck off, dps


Jasper, do your damn essay, it's 10pm, and we should be in bed before it's due...

Jasper truly isn't cute, he's a dumbass

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