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Cast is coming off! He's not totally healed yet, but it's healing nicely, and they feel as long as he's still confined and not too active, it'll heal just fine without a cast 😁

Rocky might get his toe cast off today!!

I keep tricking my dog into going into the backroom of the vet without me by walking next to him until we get to the door, which he excitedly goes through without me. I don't know how much longer he's going to keep falling for that trick.

Thanks to @[email protected] my timeline is nothing but deer pictures this afternoon. I'm OK with this.

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@[email protected] Excuse me, why are you blaming me for the actions of other people in a server of over 1500 people when you know I don't even have Discord installed now? Let me enjoy my break without having to come defend myself please, it's shit like this that made me break in the first place.

Dude, the whole point of the platform is to buy someone a COFFEE, it's obviously "coffee"

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Do you pronounce ko-fi


This whole going to bed early thing is weird. I'm not used to walking up naturally at 5:30am...

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Kel has the cutest slight snore when he sleeps!! Sharing a bed with is so nice 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Best way to get @[email protected] to brush his teeth: withhold kisses until he does it.

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Since @/GlitchDoesSass can't take criticism I'll just post my response to him here again.

Update on snow situation: it has stuck to the ground, I repeat: it has stuck to the ground.

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You know the dog has it made when his name has become synonymous with a handheld vacuum. A fry fell and @[email protected] picks Beaux up, holds him while he inhales the fry from the floor, and then places him back on his blanket pile.

Whelp it's snowing. Guess it's that time of year.

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Beaux takes every opportunity to let us know he's food motivated. Now every time I just think of this.

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