Alright guys, have a question for you all. I commissioned an artist 2 and a half years ago at MFF 2018 for a fully body piece for $70. Never got the piece. For the first year I kept checking in monthly just to be met with excuse after excuse. I gave up after that.

I'm still a bit annoyed, and also don't want this happening to anyone else. I was new to the fandom at the time and didnt know what to look for in artists who would never deliver. It was my first commission over $20.


Is it worth reaching out to this guy again to ask for my money back? Of he refuses, what do? I can't charge back since it's been so long. Thoughts?

Honestly, they surprisingly replied right away, and issued a refund with no argument.

Just talked to them after the feedback here. They replied right away, and promptly issued a refund. I'm surprised since their responses prior had been a bit shoddy, but all's good 😁

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