Feel I need to make this thread just to update everyone on where I've been / lack of posting / not replying to DMs. Quite frankly, I've been socially exhausted. Being couped up from covid, not going to work has made me depressed, and that depression turns into me


Putting my head down and vegging out. I play video games, I watch TV, but I don't do much else. I don't reply to DMs much, I don't hold a conversation when I do reply, and I stop tweeting. This has been going on for some time.

Don't worry, I am ok, just need time to figure this all out. I know I've lost some friends because of my lack of replying, but it is what it is. Those who stick by are my real friends. Love you all, hopefully I'll be back to my normal self soon, and will start tweeting again.

@kelwing been dealing with current events in much the same way mostly. Things are tough, we're all living through multiple historical events, do what you need to to take care of yourself :blobfoxheartcute:

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