Having a Christmas cookie tasting at work. Some of them aren't cookies, but still amazing 😍😍😍

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What an amazing birthday weekend. Thanks to everyone that made it special! Definitely one that I will always remember.

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I've been holding onto this for quite some time..buttt it's time for the reveal! @[email protected] hand delivered my Fursuit partial for MFF (full suit coming soon! OMGOMGOMG!)

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(next post in this thread for review of Lemonbrat)

I met @[email protected]!! I didn't realize the donut was on my nose at first!!

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Work in progress headshot commission for @[email protected] ! Hoping to have this finished soon~

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This Buddy’s Pizza has the best BBQ Pizza I’ve ever tasted.

My tier list for sandwich/sub shops. Jersey Mike's is just fucking amazing, hands down.

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