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We released an update yesterday to improve our Twitter integration:
1. Added new tdeauth command to allow you to deauthorize your Twitter account.
2. Added tweet alias for the tpost command.
3. The tpost command now returns a link to the tweet posted.

I get to see Beaux next week!! I'm so excited @[email protected]!! I can't wait a meet the little guy 😁😁😁😁

Spent a good chunk of my evening coding. Made some great progress on this side project. Will hopefully make my life a ton easier down the road ☺️

Here's my wordcloud. Honestly not surprised in the slightest.

This broken dog is exhausting, but I love him. Just so much work, he basically can't do anything on his own until his cast comes off

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rt if @[email protected] is a really good person and you feel very lucky to have him in your life in some way :3

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Just got this amaaaaazing sketch sheet from @[email protected]!!! There's so much I love about this piece! I can't stop going over each expression 100 times. I want to make them all my profile pic lol

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