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Work in progress headshot commission for @[email protected] ! Hoping to have this finished soon~

Fursuiting without my balaclava and fan is exhausting

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This Buddy’s Pizza has the best BBQ Pizza I’ve ever tasted.

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Why not, I'll join the bandwagon nice and late :p
❤️❤️-looks pure, is pure
❤️💦-looks pure, is horny
💦❤️-looks horny, is pure
💦💦-looks horny, is horny

My tier list for sandwich/sub shops. Jersey Mike's is just fucking amazing, hands down.

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Hey guys, please don’t rear end ambulances. It puts everyone’s lives in danger and also it’ll total your vehicle. I’m hurting, but me, my partner, the patient we had in the back, and the guy who hit us at 45 mph are ok.

tfw you're just "another popufur friend" 😭

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@[email protected] First impression: panda but the wrong type
Your nickname in my head:
Closeness ratings [1-10]: 6
Do I like you: sure??
You are my: another popufur friend
To be honest: wah
Ever had a crush on you: nah

🐦🔗: twitter.com/aejb_/status/12012

uhhh... well, that's a new personal best. Not sure where that came from.

"I can't get a three kill streak to shave my wife" [email protected]@twitter.com 2019

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Me: *joins vc*

@[email protected]: *attempts to squeak 5 octaves high*


Thanksgiving has made be a useless sack of shit today. So sleepy...

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