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Felt like drawing for once :P. I call this “A Sad Haze”

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I'm good at writing documentation but not great at reading it apparently.

Seeing content from people I actually directly follow instead of whatever some algorithm thinks is vaguely important to me and will keep me on site is absolutely wonderful. Only becoming more apparent as the grows.

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I'm here for the community. ❤️ Old social media veteran back to the BBS days of the 90s, and Mastodon makes me feel more connected in a hyperlocal way. I'm sad it took me this long to find it. I had an immediate feeling of "ahh, these are my people" in a way that I haven't felt in a long time, so thank you.

My loves:
#Music #Coffee #Tech #Art #Gaming #Nature #Movies #Space #SciFi


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#introduction time!

I'm a bunny (she/her) on the internet who draws art and toots the art at random intervals! (It could be kinky art but I'll make sure to CW anything appropriately.) I'm also a big nerd and computer engineer. :bunponder:

This Mastodon instance,, is my own little corner of the internet. In this corner we respect trans rights, all kinds of LGBTQ+ rights, and bigots will get yeeted. :trans_heart:

I've never understood policing who or what can create a fediverse instance. Companies are free to create their own instance if they choose. Just like I'm free to domain block them from mine if I choose. That's the beauty of a federated network.

Working on building a lightweight, blazing fast activity pub relay server with the goal of being excessively easy to administer and maintain. Should be a fun weekend project 😀

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Hello new people! 👋

If you need help getting started on Mastodon, have a look at:


It's written in non-technical language, it's a beginner's guide.

If you can't find the answers you want on the site, @ me or message me.

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Hello there #furryfediverse operators, I bought furryfediverse .org,.com,.sbs to setup a site but guess I am going to fast track it... I am going the Opt-In route, I am not going to be running a relay it will be a simple site that shows furry instances that wish to be shown. Please hit me up if you are fine with me adding your instance, it will collect your instance data from /api/v1/instance no other data will be collected. Thank you <3

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@jsd we completely dropped sprints in favor of a continuous release model

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Ok #mastodon, let’s show our true colors.

Reblog this if you’re a champion of the Oxford comma.

We’re officially friends.

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I've started outlining the design document for what will eventually be my proposal for end-to-end encryption in Mastodon.

@spacekobold it’s just because most of the automatic cross posting tooos automatically CW anything cross posted by default

After taking a "break" for 8+ years, I'm learning guitar again. Should be fun 😋

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It’s been rather quite interesting seeing so many of the people I follow on Twitter also jump over to the fediverse, and set up/use such a variety of instances. I do hope this sticks for good!

@marcoslater me too, the fediverse is awesome, and I’m so glad to finally see widespread adoption

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Mastodon tips (brief)

1. Server choice - tricky
2. Add a pic and bio
3. I prefer 'Advanced web interface'
4. And the 'Light' theme
5. Listen to long-time users
6. Tip your server admins
7. Hashtags pretty important
8. Put Alt text on pics
9. Use Content Warning if in doubt
10. Pin introduction post
11. Do some boosting
12. Follow interesting people
13. Hashtags can be followed too
14. DMs not secure
15. Be respectful
16. Thank you, people who run this

#mastodon #tips #MastodonTips #tootorial

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