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i’m still awake and playing a game i don’t know SHIT about and it’s @[email protected]’s fault but i love him

Honestly, still my favorite commission ever. This is exactly how I always envisioned my sona looking. Every time I see my pfp I'm blown away, again, at the amazing job @[email protected] did 😍😍😍

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Commission for @[email protected]

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You guys genuinely have some of the most polite comments on my posts... it's really heartwarming.

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Hate lockdown? Hate being quarantined? Hate not being able to see anyone or go anywhere? Well then stay the fuck inside. Don’t go anywhere. Don’t see anyone. Suck it up for a while so that this doesn’t last forever

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without you? Yeah, so have I. I found the answer, though: it would be much worse.

yo, follow this dork

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oh god i'm gonna hit 1k soon wtf?? hahahaha??????

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Go compliment someone you care about, do it, make their day!

Sorry for my lack of posts lately, life's been really strange.

Be there for those around you, especially in times like this, you never know when a random act of kindness could save a life.

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Imagine being so fucking irrelevant you need to continuously harass whoever you can in order to garner some form of attention 😌😌😌

People suck at showing affection, just because your friends don't always show it doesn't mean they don't appreciate just having someone to socialize with, and every little thing you do for them πŸ₯°

I'd just like to add: Atlas is genuinely one of the nicest and kindest people on this damn platform. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Of all the people to go after, this ain't it chief. There's nothing in the world that could justify going after Atlas.

He's 16... Dudes like 20 and making sexual jokes about, and harassing a 16 year old... What a creep.

Bowmans post was absolutely uncalled for, unprovoked, and just straight up harassment.

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If you see this guy I beg of you to block him and report him, he is now going after my boyfriend and this isn't ok. He has harassed many of my friends and will not stop no matter what. If you even disagree with him on one thing he will call you out for it.

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Stay-at-home order making my brain forget what day it is.

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I’m forever in debt to my raccoon overlords. Thanks Tom Nook.

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