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Looking at lunch options with @[email protected] and @[email protected] today and I came a cross the most appropriate Trophias-sized burrito.

Met some super cool people today 😁 can't wait to hang with them again.

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I got a super cute headshot of my BMD character Beignet from @[email protected] as a Patreon reward! aaaa thank you!!!!

I really need to stop booking super early morning flights. I never go to bed on time, which means I never end up sleeping until I'm on the plane... I'm so exhausted.

No matter how alone you feel, there is always someone who cares about you. You may not realized it, you may doubt it, but there is someone. Never forget that.

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Soo... According to @[email protected], this is me...

I can guarantee you I'm not THIS squeaky!! I will, however, eep if you squeeze me in a hug 😊

The music they're playing at this new vet sounds like Minecraft music...

Bruh, I can get 100 on Amazon for that price 😭

Meijer at 1am... Pretty sure someone threw out my extra razor blades, and couldn't sleep because I let it grow too long 😭

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perks of dating me:
- i listen pretty good
- i'm very loyal
- very food motivated
- if you only pretend to throw the ball its ok
- will stay off the bed and couch even though i really wanna be up there with you
- i think the world of you and love you and just want you to be happy

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Jasper: Hey Google, go die
Google Home: Ok, playing Bitch Go Die on Spotify
Jasper: Hey Google, cut that shit out
Google: Alright, playing Cut That Shit Out on Spotify

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