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Moving all my smart home stuff to the new place has been really nice. Basically, I hate like switches... "Hey Google, turn off the office lights."

Finally moving my computer to the new place today. I'm excited to finally have it back!!

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what are the 6 fattest pkmn available in sw/sh i wanna do a pudgy run

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2 weeks from today I’m gonna be at MFF with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met :’)

[email protected] is playing with adult Legos, aka Ikea furniture.

After lifting furniture and moving to a new place all day, @[email protected] and I are getting dinner at our favorite burger joint.

We found a new collar for Rocky in a bark box. He doesn't like it very much.

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Me: Wow, I have 368 hours in @[email protected] on @[email protected], but it's not differentiating between orbit vs activity time.
@[email protected]: ...and that's *JUST* Steam hours.
Me: ...yeah...we don't talk about the actual hours in Destiny 2. *blobsweat*

Cast is coming off! He's not totally healed yet, but it's healing nicely, and they feel as long as he's still confined and not too active, it'll heal just fine without a cast 😁

Rocky might get his toe cast off today!!

I keep tricking my dog into going into the backroom of the vet without me by walking next to him until we get to the door, which he excitedly goes through without me. I don't know how much longer he's going to keep falling for that trick.

Thanks to @[email protected] my timeline is nothing but deer pictures this afternoon. I'm OK with this.

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