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Imagine not owning Minecraft in 2020 😂

Like... Even C++ has the auto keyword...


How do Java developer put up with all the damn boilerplate? Don't get me wrong, working in an object oriented language again is nice, but holy hell all the work required is not worth it.

Also, can the next Java version have type inference for variable declaration?

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[at a pet shop]

Me: I need a really long snake.

Employee: How many feet?

Me: None.

Super late to the party, but here's me

Height: 5'8"
Shoe Size: Size 10.5 (U.S.)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Tattoos: maybe soon 😉
Piercings: None
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite drink: Mountain Dew Voltage

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oh hey it's me

Height: 5'4"
Shoe Size: Size 7 (U.S.)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Tattoos: Eevee on my chest
Piercings: None
Favorite color: Purple / Teal
Favorite drink: Strawberry Banana smoothies


Got my gpu issue figured out and fixed... Not sure what was wrong the other night, but I just moved it to the first PCI-E slot and it magically worked 😤

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I'm feeling so much FUCKIN hope this year like 2020 is gonna be the best year ever 100%
Mark my FUCKIN words folks I'm vibin all year round. 2020 is the year I make some real good changes around here 😤😤

All day meeting today, I'm struggling so hard to stay awake 😴

You're all amazing and deserve only the best.

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