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[email protected] is being a big meanie head today. He's been booliing me all day.

RT @[email protected]

Quick! Everyone tag someone so that they have to open twitter and see this tweet for absolutely no reason

Always remember to spray your wagon down with the garden hose. He stinky. Right @[email protected] ?

My sleep schedule has been so wonky lately. I slept from 5:30-7pm last night, and then 4am to 10am this morning. I really need to get back to something normal...

Honestly, it's a good thing these cons are canceling. It would be irresponsible of them to continue as planned given the current situation. I'm disappointed I've spend money on plane tickets, but at the end of the day, the well being of my loved ones is more important.

I'll never know the true reason, because unlike you, I took my block, and payed you no mind aside from screenshots sent to me because you can't keep my name off your timeline. Piss off. This is the last time I will ever give this asshole any attention.

stop spreading lies about me, and leave me the hell alone. You have nothing to come after me for. The only thing I ever did to your jealous ass was try to be your friend, and you respond by blocking me while I was at MFF, because why? You were jealous I was having a good time?

I have not once mentioned your name on my TL. Never once created or consumed a blocklist, and to top it off: I apologized to Mark for the issue between us (something more than you have ever done for anyone), and we follow each other now. Keep me off your timeline,

You seriously create a blocklist of everyone following Stixil because he tweeted about you, and his followers went after you, and then you have the fucking nerve to send your followers after me? The only one starting drama is you, absolute drama queen.

They're preparing to close the office at work due to coronavirus. So glad I have a job I can easily do remotely. 😁

I found some rope on the floor
I have to build a trap
So I started on my machine
I have never to be seen

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