Bread trend

Mutuals send bread and I' the thing


13: honestly, the way we got to know each other was kiiinda rocky but god damn i'm happy to have met ya, you're a chill hoe and amazing artist <3

Call me smelly one more time tho and i'll clap your dumbass so fast 😤😤😤

621 (daring are we): you're super neat, nerdy and bruh, you're consistent!! (you know at what)

9265: you're a great friend and also a huge dork! WOuld totally huggg

69 (nice): BRooo we gotta talk more ;w; you're super chill and would love to talk more

22: you're a dumbass, but a good friend and I'm so happy to see you happy omg!! Also can't wait to meet yaaaa


42: goshh, you're a dumbass, but platonically ily, and you look amazing tooo!!! we gotta meet some day and hit dat w e d

21: we haven't chatted much but you seem like a very chill boie and I'd love to chat more some time (if my brain doesn't zone out)

3621 (daring, again): you're a very neat guy, super chill, cute, gay and your relationship makes me melttt because it's ADORABLE

2121: super chill, super warm, and overall a very nice guy I can't wait to meet and hang out with!!

37: super chill, super bitchy and overall I can't wait to meet you man, you're really nice and good!

98210: you're amazing and I really hope we can meet some day just to hang out and stuff 👀👀
Also love your sonaaa!!!

7: You're a sweet guy I'm sure, and I'd love to chat with ya more some time!!

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